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About Equine Web Marketing

An Overview:

Equine Web Marketing LLC is owned and operated by Corisa (Cori) Quevillon an experienced Designer, with excellent skills in Marketing and Design. With strong ties to the Equine World as a Breeder, Stallion owner and Horse Feeder for over 30 yrs. 

Plain and simple we know the horses, the horse people and we know what will work on the internet for you. 
Equine Web Marketing LLC specializes in getting Farms, Ranches and Equine Related Businesses on the Internet, to utilize a powerful marketing tool for the equine industry. As you well know, the Internet is the tool for marketing our young foals, prospects, mares in foal and Stallion Services.

The Equine Web Marketing LLC Offices are located in the heart of "Horse Country" in beautiful Harrison, Arkansas. 

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A Little More:

Cori is continually updating herself with the latest techniques, scripts and the newest tools; Html Coding, Java Scripts, PHP, ASP, MySLQ, CGI, Marketing, Graphics Design, and Search Engine Placement that is essential in today's ever-changing Internet. And had now expanded in to offering Dial-up Internet Services.

Our Whole goal is to help you make a presence on the Internet at reasonable cost, with total freedom to submit your ideas and your own marketing plans. We are also a strong subscriber to ethical and professional codes, your service will always be up to the highest standards!
Most will find that the costs for starting and running a web site are less that one thinks, for year around, 365 days, 24 hours, World Wide advertising. Far Beating the long industry standard of expensive print advertising. While Print can still be vital, it can be made more effect and cost efficient with a website showcasing you farm and business.

You have worked hard to build your business/farm, now let us help market it and make you more profitable.

Contact Cori...together we will get you on a Web Marketing Plan that will launch you to new places, open up new markets, and find people just waiting to meet your horses!
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